You know just when I think I’ve found the most perfect colour, and the most amazing piece— along comes a far more perfect colour, and an even more exceptional piece. Obtaining this grand empire buffet took 2 trips to the city (had to bring the mirror home separately, as we simply couldn’t fit it all in, in one load) AND we had to strap the main piece down b/c I couldn’t close my hatch— but my word was it worth the trips and extra effort! My darn good husband and forever sweetheart was much easier on me than I thought he’d be when we went to lift and move this incredibly solid and heavy piece— “We can do this Faye. Bend your knees!”

Before & After

Antique Empire Buffet

There’s a first time for everything right?! Well— for this piece, I had 2 firsts: 1-It was the first piece that wouldn’t fit in the back of my Toytota Venza; and, 2-It was the first piece that I literally could not lift and move. My Venza cargo space is amazing to say the very least— every single piece you see here on my website (with the exception of this one, has fit in my crossover. My strength is nothing to brag about, but I’m pretty darn proud and grateful for how much weight I can lift and move when I need/want to, until this piece came along— it was the first piece that we (my hubs and I) both had to use lifting straps to move it— our shoulders ached for days afterwards! A minimum of 2 very strong men are required to lift and move this piece— my 2 strong farm men have now moved it for me 3 times! A VERY heavy antique piece, that I VERY much was up for the challenge of restoring!

Grand Farmhouse Empire Buffet
Grand Farmhouse Empire Buffet
Grand Farmhouse Empire Buffet
Selectively Salvaged and Loved by me


Most certainly the grandest piece I’ve had opportunity to restore and transform to-date! An antique empire buffet that swoons magnificence from every angle and view. Extremely solid, sound and spectacular— transformed in a sophisticated, bold and dramatic almost black deep green— a shade that holds subtle bronze undertones for a confident, everlasting look. Dry brushed with Bronze Metallic for added depth and dimension, and sealed with Beeswax Finish for a soft satin protection. The top has been stained and sealed for a lovely two-toned wood exposure. I do indeed envision this notably striking antique in a charmingly grand home— a statement piece that will undoubtedly settle in the most perfect space impressively.

Modern Farmhouse Furniture

Empire Buffet Transformation

Below you’ll find all of the photos I took after completing my Antique Empire Buffet transformation. On-screen colours are merely a digital representation, and will vary from screen to screen (device to device). Depending on your screen/device, the colour(s) seen here on my website may seem slightly different in person.

My Step-by-Step Transformation

  • Removed original hardware and filled holes with Bondo— with full intention of replacing with a far more charming set
  • Removed damaged veneer from top — with all my blood, sweat and tears, and was led to believe that what I found underneath is BEECH wood
  • Repaired damaged veneer to various parts of body — Bondo to my rescue
  • Moulded a new claw foot for the left side — Previous owners shared that a doggie chewed it, that’s OK doggie; easily resolved with a Bondo mould
  • Removed beaded border from all drawers/doors — Unfortunately a good portion of it was damaged/missing, thus it all had to go
  • Lightly sanded down entire piece— to prepare for product application
  • Thoroughly vacuumed and washed— necessary preparation for proper product application
  • Applied 3 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Wellington to the entire exterior and drawers— A sophisticated, bold and dramatic almost black deep green. This shade is perfectly balanced in green, black and subtle bronze undertones for a confident, everlasting look; brush application
  • Applied 3 coats of Zinsser B-I-N Shellac to interior cupboards— to prevent highly anticipated bleed through, and boy was it needed!
  • Applied 3 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Chateau to the interior cupboards— a grounding neutral inspired by enchanting castle walls; this shade reflects light beautifully and creates an instant feeling of cozy sophistication; brush application
  • Applied Minwax conditioning, stain, and poly products in the colour Jacobean to the top— For a two-toned exposed wood transformation; lint-free rag application
  • Applied 1 coat of Fusion Mineral Paint ‘Metallics’ in the colour Bronze to the entire body exterior and drawers ~ for some swoony depth and dimension, and to accentuate the bronze pulls and Wellington undertones; chip brush application
  • Applied 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint Beeswax Finish to the entire body exterior and drawers ~ for a soft satin finish that works wonderfully on dark colours; wax brush application, lint-free rag buff
  • Applied Wise Owl Paint Furniture Salve in the scent Riotous Rain to the interior drawers and sides ~ for a much needed drink, and a delightful scent; lint free rag application
  • Selected, purchased and installed new Chartres Cup Pulls & Knobs ~ from Lee Valley; a striking set that I stocked up when on sale earlier this year

Photos from My Workshop

Come Take a Closer Look!

I ain’t no videographer I tell ya! I am however determined to try my very best to share a closer look with YOU. Below you’ll find my best; albeit amateur effort at trying to capture this piece in video format (taken out in my workshop where I do it all— prep, transform, picture and vid).
For my Manitoba followers, perhaps you might fancy slipping ouot to our farm for the closest look— please do get in touch!

This post contains links to products I personally use, trust, and highly recommend, for which some I receive limited discounted use of.

Custom Furniture Painting


I primarily select and purchase pieces on my own, and transform them with colours/techniques of my own choosing— Ready-For-Purchase. I do also carefully consider custom furniture painting for customers within Manitoba. If you’re interested in this service, I’d love to hear from you! Please fill out and submit a form so that we can start an exchange. I truly appreciate all interest and inquiries.

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