Not many things will stop me in my tracks, however there are a few that instantly do. When my girl asked me if I had any dressers kickin’ around that she could use in her new bedroom space, I made selecting and painting one for her a priority. Our Jenn recently moved from a one-bedroom dwelling to a two-bedroom with a dear friend, and she ideally needed a small lowboy dresser to place her TV on and for extra clothing storage. I had the perfect little vintage dresser in mind— and got straight to work.


Before & After

Vintage Farmhouse Dresser

There’s quite the story behind this little dresser! I actually transformed it once before (a few years back)— back when I was still experimenting with different types of furniture paint. I had it in our living room for a while, and then ended up storing it in our shop when we had to do some shuffling around in our home. This vintage dresser has been in my family for 50-some years! AND I’ve been “told” to never sell it or else! It started off as my brothers’ dresser in their bedroom on the farm! I have memories of dinky cars lined up on top of it! I may be a little partial, but I like to think my decor is far more pleasing on the eye than dinky cars! 😂

Farmhouse White Vintage Dresser
Farmhouse White Vintage Dresser
Selectively Salvaged and Loved by me


Where do the years go?! 50-some years ago this charming little vintage dresser adorned my brothers’ room on the farm. Between then and now, it has functioned in many spaces within my family. Today it’s offering the most perfect use for our daughter, and I couldn’t be happier that she wanted it for her space. Built to stand the test of time! Everything was built stronger and better back in the day, including furniture! A little bit of drawer mending, painted in a cozy & calming farmhouse white, with exposed stained wood for that extra little touch. Enjoy my girl— I’m so happy I could hand this heirloom down to you, and know that you too will keep it in our family for many more years to come! ~ Love, Mom

Modern Farmhouse Furniture

Vintage Dresser Transformation

Below you’ll find all of the photos I took after completing my transformation. On-screen colours are merely a digital representation, and will vary from screen to screen (device to device). Depending on your screen/device, the colour(s) seen here on my website may seem slightly different in person.

My Step-by-Step Transformation

  • Removed original hardware— hard to believe that after so many years, it’s still all in place
  • Lightly sanded down body and drawers, and heavily sanded down top and front legs— In preparation for a two-toned transformation
  • Mended bottom drawer— the inside bottom and back was no longer in place, thus required replacement
  • Vacuumed and washed— necessary preparation for proper product application
  • Applied 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Chateau to the body and drawers— a grounding neutral inspired by enchanting castle walls; this shade reflects light beautifully and creates an instant feeling of cozy sophistication; brush application
  • Applied Minwax conditioning, stain, and poly products in the colour Provincial to the top and front legs— For a two-toned exposed wood transformation; lint-free rag application
  • Reinstalled original hardware— opted not to polish, as I personally loved the contrast as-is
  • Applied some furniture wax to the drawer glides— so they’d glide like butter for my girl
  • Loaded it up into the back of my Venza— and delivered to our girl at her dwelling in the city, and enjoyed every second of choosing the perfect spot for it with her in her space
Custom Furniture Painting


I primarily select and purchase pieces on my own, and transform them with colours/techniques of my own choosing— Ready-For-Purchase. I do also carefully consider custom furniture painting for customers within Manitoba. If you’re interested in this service, I’d love to hear from you! Please fill out and submit a form so that we can start an exchange. I truly appreciate all interest and inquiries.

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