Hi, I’m Faye!

If I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you— Hi, I’m Faye— with a really sweet middle name— Caroline! Ba ba ba!

I’ve always been a prairie girl! As a young girl, my favourite days were spent with Grandma on the farm— so I naturally married a Farmer! I’ve however never lived the traditional farmwife role— I work independently so “my Farmer” can keep farming! 😉

In the latter part of 13 yrs employment at a professional services firm, I went back to school (while working full-time, raising babies, and helping on our farm where I could)— I then in 2007 hesitantly yet longingly started my own home-based business where I offer custom web services to a handful of gracious clients. F3 Designs— Faye Fossay Freelance.

Computer work has always come naturally to me— however in 2017 I found myself searching for an outlet that would allow me to curiously make mistakes and embrace sweet imperfections— and so my Farm Life Best Life began.

OH and! I’m a wee bit of a farmhouse sink fanatic! The one in this pic was my first prairie pickin’ find, which now charms our very own farmhouse laundry room!

Reviving pre-loved timeless pieces with #farmhouse charm and endearing imperfections. Hand crafted with ❤️ for YOU!

I breathe new life into pre-loved, timeless pieces, infusing them with farmhouse charm and endearing imperfections. Each transformation brings me immense joy, and I’m truly grateful for this creative journey. I offer shipping (within Canada), and local pickup/meetup/delivery (within Manitoba).

Alongside flipping furniture, I also offer a handful of other farm-charm products & services that fit my style! I invite you to take a look!

“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.”

Faye Caroline

I’d love to connect!

Interested in one of my available pieces? Shop online or slip out to our farm for a look! My family and I live, love and work on our homestead just outside Woodlands, MB CANADA.

Fancy social media connection? Find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!