Some girls dream of diamonds, and some dream of farmhouse sinks. This girl is not AT ALL the former, and very much the latter. I’ve been dreaming and aching for a farmhouse laundry room sink for what seems like for EVA! Like about 21 years to be exact. Good things however do truly come to those who wait. ☺️

There’s nothing pretty about laundry is there? It’s dirty, it’s overflowing, it’s neverending, and in our home it’s smack dab right in the middle of our main floor… a room that we and our guests have to walk right through to access any other area of the house. It simply can’t be avoided.

Don’t get me wrong — laundry on the main floor is a dream. I’m grateful that I don’t have to go up and down the stairs to try and stay on top of it. It’s always been right there in front of me… grimy, unceasing, relentless… and I must say conveniently located.

I have much to be thankful for… boatloads in fact… so don’t get me wrong when I complain about the laundry room we had for the past 21 years. The cupboards within it were at least 50 years old, and I’m certain they also had 50 coats of paint on them (I’m only guilty for about 3 of those coats). The laundry tub faucets were nothing but a rusting, rotting eyesore. Our garbage bin was exposed and unpleasant. The washer drained into the laundry tub and was rank like rotten eggs when it ran. The lighting was dreadful (which made having no window in the room even more sad). The panel that we put up about 20 years ago to cover the layers of wallpaper was brash. The configuration was no good — a very long and narrow room that had cupboards on both walls… with the one banging many heads over the years (YOUCH, %&*#, dammit)! Don’t believe me when I tell you how dreadful it was? Take a look for yourself:

You really had to see it for yourself… taking pics in this restricted room is no easy feat. Trust me when I tell you the only nice things pre-reno were the appliances and flooring (purchased and installed around 8 years ago).

This past winter we very much needed to have a heat recovery unit installed (extremely necessary and long overdue)… and in order to have that done we had to open up one of the walls in the laundry room. That was a BLESSED requirement… one that led me to finally convincing my hubs that it was high and mighty time to gut and revamp our frightful laundry room. To my very big surprise, he didn’t say no… so I wasted NO time in ramping up my hunt for a farmhouse laundry room sink. I had been hunting for the good part of a year with no success… almost gave up to be honest… and then all of a sudden I found not one but TWO. This was the first of the 2 that I brought home early this spring with much excitement:

Would you believe I snagged this cast-iron/antique beauty for only $40?! And can you also believe that similar-style, brand-new (no comparison to the real deal) retail at $1,300 (starting price), and go as high as $5,000?! Crazy right?! Obviously I was a very lucky girl to find the one I did at such a sweet price… and then shortly thereafter I found another (same shape and style) for $100… which included the ORIGINAL faucet; which shockingly retail at $1,900 (again… no comparison to the real deal). BOTH of these rare antique sinks were laying in the acreage owners’ backyards… just waiting for ME to find them! Nobody… and I mean nobody was allowed to pinch me when I did find them!

Initially we hoped to do the entire reno project on our own. More often than not we overestimate our abilities… thankfully this time we came to our senses and accepted we simply couldn’t do it all on our own… so we moved forward with a plan to do the gutting and finishing work ourselves… and have a professional do the intricate work.


During our demo, we decided to knock out a hallway closet that was adjacent to the laundry room (so that we could gain more laundry room space)… which you’ll see here in my pics:


What we failed to think about when taking out the adjacent closet was that we’d end up with an area with no flooring! Oh oh! We however got lucky… the closet had flooring in it, and it was just enough to cover the exposed floor. Phew!

My hope and dream was for the farmhouse sink to be the focal point of the room… surrounded with my love of plank walls, custom-fit cupboards, an area for folding laundry, a light and airy feel, some warm textured touches, with a whole LOTTA farmhouse feel!


All good married folk disagree right? Well… we certainly do (keeps things interesting), and we most certainly did when deciding how to place my beloved farmhouse sink. My hubs Bryan wanted to simply build a base for it (and maybe put a mirror over top of it). I however had the most charming and perfectly chippy antique bakers (hosier) cupboard in my possession that I had my heart set on upcycling! Bry initially won the debate… and we were going with his plan… but then I couldn’t sleep… cuz all I could think about was my hosier upcycle idea! My idea was the better one right?! I’ll let you look at our after pics and decide for yourself:


You just gotta get up close and personal with all the charm:

Heavenly Charm Credits

My farmhouse laundry room dream come true! A room that I once dreaded, and now tremendously adore. What was once an unpleasant eyesore, is now a blessed and charming haven. There will forever be laundry… even in heaven… this I now know for certain… because fellow farmhouse fanatics… despite its’ oozing charm, this room still always has laundry to tend to — it however is pure heaven. ❤️


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