Interested in my Custom Furniture Painting services? I’d love to hear about your piece! Please fill out the form below so that we can start an exchange. Upon your submission, please know that I’ll be sure to get back to you (via email) within 48 regular business hours. I truly appreciate all interest and inquiries.

Please do note that I’m not currently considering tables/chairs as part of my custom offerings.

Notice: If submitting more than 1 piece for consideration, please complete 1 form submission per piece.

Form (Custom Furniture Painting)

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    4. Piece Intentions & Inspiration

    Please visit the following pages here on my website for inspiration:

    Where do you plan to settle the piece in your home once it has been refinished? What will it be used for? Knowing this is important, as that will define what I recommend for a finishing sealant.
    Please reference one or more of my finished pieces that holds your desired look.
    What colour(s) do you have in mind?
    In addition to paint, do you have any desire for perhaps a) stained portion(s), b) decoupaged drawers, c) new hardware? If so, please detail.

    5. Arrangements

    Do you have a timeframe in mind? Do you need the piece completed by a certain date? If so, please provide detail.
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    Do you have the ability to pick-up / drop-off your piece (just outside Woodlands, MB)?
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