So we have this laundry room — in the middle of our main floor, that you have to walk through to get to any other room in the house — and it’s like the ugliest laundry room ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful we have our laundry room, however it truly is dreadfully UGLY! BUT… I knew in my eye, that even ugly could be made beautiful! <3

With the help of Country Chic Paint’s beautiful products, I am upcycling and transforming our very ugly laundry room to BEAUTIFUL! I started off this project a couple weeks ago, with the ugliest cupboard in the room. Brace yourself:

‘She’s’ really UGLY isn’t ‘she’?!  For starters, I removed all her old hardware (which wasn’t salvageable given it was destroyed by layers upon layers of paint).  Then I needed to get her naked. I’d be lying if I said this part was fun — it was dreadful. I knew that I would get a much better result if I stripped the old paint from her, rather than just sanding her down… unfortunately while stripping her, I learned that she had SEVEN (yes 7) layers of paint on her. I was a hot mess while tackling this part of the project… but in the end it was worth it — a little pain for a lotta gain! Here she is naked:

Once I had her naked, that’s when the fun began! 😉  My transformation from ugly to beautiful went like this:

    • Step 1: Removed hardware, and stripped all 7 layers of paint
    • Step 2: Lightly sanded down entire piece
    • Step 3: Applied two coats of Country Chic Paint’s “All-in-One Decor Paint” in the colours ‘Lazy Linen’ (exterior), and ‘Cobblestone’ (interior)
    • Step 4: Lightly distressed exterior with sanding block
    • Step 6: Lined interior shelves with a self-adhesive / decorative liner
    • Step 7: Installed new hardware

Now I know and appreciate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I’m fairly confident you’ll agree that this once ugly piece is now indeed BEAUTIFUL! <3

I’ll be sure to post again when the entire laundry room (all cupboards within) are complete (which I likely won’t get to till Fall/Winter). I’m elated to have found Country Chic Paint’s products — they are allowing me to upcycle and transform like I never imagined — all with the finest #countrychic character, and the sweetest imperfections! <3

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning.


    1. Thank you Peggy! It’s a HUGE project… so much to do in my laundry room… but I’ve been delaying it for 17+ years b/c I didn’t think I could ever afford or find a way to transform it myself. Thx to Country Chic Paint products, the process has began! 🙂

      1. Well, we don’t want to rush into anything. 🙂 I had rather wait until I figure out what I want instead of the trail and error method. You know what ‘they’ say about how to eat an elephant….one bite at a time. Good luck.

        1. Yes – one bite at a time is the approach I’m taking… albeit took me many years to train my brain to think that way… I’ve always been one that once I get an idea in my head, I want it done now and I want it done quickly. Those days are gone… I’m all about one bite at a time now! One bite at a time tastes so much better than shoving it all in your mouth at once! 😉

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