4.5  years ago I wrote my first blog post, inspired by my Farmers’ words It’s JUST a BARN. Although those words didn’t stop my tears from falling that emotional day we tore down our old red barn, the few rustic items we salvaged from it most certainly helped me through it — including 2 interior doors that were in the former milking parlour:


Although we stored most of our rescued finds in the house to avoid weathering, we didn’t however have room inside for the parlour doors… so sadly, they sat out in the elements for the past 4.5 years. 🙁

At the first sign of thaw this Spring, I managed to retrieve 1 of the 2 parlour doors, and with a little bit of our time and loving transformation, this fine little rustic door now has a new place on our farm — albeit not in our barn, better yet in our home. <3


Thanks to the exquisite Country Chic Paint products, I was easily able to give this barn door the aged/vintage look I envisioned it should have. <3

Amidst my Farmer’s busy calving season, he kindly took an hour from his time this past week to remove the hardware, cut the door in half, add 2 corner shelves and mount it in a corner of our dining room for me. If Mama’s happy, everyone’s happy! 😉

Once mounted, I began my “Country Chic’ing” process which only took TWO hours of my time! Working with Country Chic Paint’s products requires VERY little prep time and the cleanup takes only minutes — which results in lovely transformations in minimal time! Which makes Mama once again very happy! 😉

My pleasant and simple process went like this:

  • Step 1: Lightly sanded and wiped down door, while winding down Fri eve (15 mins)
  • Step 2: Applied one coat of “All-in-One Decor Paint” in the colour ‘Chocolate Tart’, over coffee Sat morn (30 mins)
  • Step 3: Applied one coat of “Crackle Medium” Sat eve, and then called it a day (30 mins)
  • Step 4: Applied one coat of “All-in-One Decor Paint” in the colour ‘Vanilla Frosting’, over coffee Sun morn (30 mins)
  • Step 5: Applied one coat of “Furniture Glaze” in the colour ‘Smoky Quartz’ Sun eve (30 mins)
  • Step 6: Cleaned weathered rust from, and put hardware back in place (15 mins)

And TADA — our “Almost demolished, repurposed barn door decor” was born within only 2 hours of labour! <3


This was the first time I used Country Chic Paint’s “Crackle Medium” product, which is what gave this piece the aged/cracked paint look, and the “Furniture Glaze” is what gave it the aged/dirty look — which was EXACTLY the overall look I was desiring for this piece! A once milking parlour door in our old red barn, now a beautiful splash of rustic farmhouse decor in our home! <3

What I love most about Country Chic Paint’s products, is how I can so easily and affordably achieve the EXACT home decor look I’ve been longing to fill our farmhouse with for years!

I am elated to have discovered their delightful products, and a craft that is providing me with a relax and unwind that is wondrous for me in so many ways! With my career in web design, inspiration alongside diversion are successful ingredients to my success — Country Chic Paint is providing me with both of these essential ingredients in the most delightful form! <3

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning. <3


  1. What a great story. I almost got teary myself, reading about your old barn coming down. I have never used Country Chic paints, but after your description, it sounds pretty doable. I love that you worked on it a little bit here and there.

    I am new here, hope it’s ok to comment. I found your blog on Country Chic Paint’s blog. You did an amazing job on your door. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Jessica! Pleased to meet you here! Love connecting with like-minded folks online! Country Chic Paint’s products are EXTREMELY doable! Affordable, easy and exquisite! You MUST try them out — they do NOT disappoint! <3

      1. Oh me, too!! Sounds like we are both country type girls. My husband’s grandpa had an old barn about 20 years ago and it was on its last leg. We got boards out of it before they took it down. My husband built shelves out of them and we hung them at our old house. We are moving soon and because of your post, I think I’ll hang them back up in our new place.

        Thank you so much for telling me about their products. Affordable is amazing, easy is key for me, and I can’t wait to see how exquisite looks! I have a few pieces of furniture that I’ve been too afraid to paint. I think that just changed!! 😊

  2. Yes we are both country type girls! How lucky are we?! <3 It's the BEST LIFE, and I couldn't be more grateful and happy! I'll be watching for your Country Chic posts! WARNING — highly addictive! <3

  3. Your finds and restorations are beautiful. Thanks for posting and look forward to seeing more of your projects.

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