Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly discover yet another green that I love, along comes BAYBERRY! Honestly, just how many greens can there be?! For those that follow along my portfolio, you’ll clearly see that green is very much a favourite of mine! Just when I think I’ve painted with all the green colours a girl can paint with, another one comes along— OR I custom mix my own for even another one! But honestly— Bayberry (in my love for green humble opinion) is undoubtedly the most perfectly perfect vintage green! So perfect in fact, I have every intention of transforming our kitchen cupboards with it, and also incorporating it into our vintage Airstream remodel that we’re currently working on this winter!


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Colour Comparing

On-screen colours are merely a digital representation, and will vary from screen to screen (device to device). Depending on your screen/device, the colour(s) that I share online may naturally seem slightly different in person. Lighting and surroundings dictates colours! I picture all my pieces against a white backdrop with white lighting, as I feel this portray’s the truest colour in digital form— however depending on the wall colour and lighting in your home, the colour may slightly differ. Here are some pictures to help aid with online colour consideration:

Fusion Mineral Paint Bayberry
Bayberry, Everett, Pressed Fern
Fusion Mineral Paint Bayberry
Before & After

Vintage Green Dresser

My first QUEEN ANNE Antique Dresser SCORE! Despite missing a hardware drop-pull and a broken leg, there was no hesitation when this lovely popped up in my Marketplace feed! I have been aching for a dresser with such deliciously curvy front legs! I didn’t mess around with this purchase— in fact when I showed up at the sellers door at exactly 4pm when I told her I’d be there, she said “WOW, you just might be the most punctual person ever! It’s exactly 4 o’clock!” I was NOT taking any chances with this one I tell ya! I HAD to have her, and I was most certainly going to arrive on time to get her!

Queen Anne Antique Dresser Vintage Green Transformation
Queen Anne Antique Dresser Vintage Green Transformation
Selectively Salvaged and Loved by me


Queen Anne Antique Dresser here folks! The first I’ve come across in the 7 years I’ve been flipping furniture finds! Despite holding some damage, I was NOT holding back on scooping this rare piece! Transformed in what I personally feel is the most perfectly perfect vintage green. With the added application of both glaze and wax, I was able to achieve a lovely amount of depth and dimension— AND to finish her up just right, she also holds 2 new solid oak queen anne legs and new queen anne hardware! And of course I decoupaged her drawer sides too— cuz every girl deserves all the pretty! I do see this lovely lady in an entryway, with a vintage frame or mirror with ornate antique brass; adorning above her! She’s ready and waiting for her next chapter, and will undoubtedly make a charming statement in your home or cottage.

Modern Farmhouse Furniture

Queen Anne Dresser Makeover

Below you’ll find all of the photos I took after completing my Queen Anne Dresser makeover. On-screen colours are merely a digital representation, and will vary from screen to screen (device to device). Depending on your screen/device, the colour(s) seen here on my website may seem slightly different in person.

My Step-by-Step Transformation

  • Removed hardware — Knowing that I would have to replace, given one drop pull was unfortunately missing; tucked away for another flip another day
  • Removed and replaced Queen Anne Legs — The right leg was sadly broken, and although I could have considered a BONDO mold repair, I so very much wanted to stain (not paint) these lovely legs, thus I scoured the web and after much deliberation found a wonderful Canadian woodworker to purchase new SOLID OAK ones from
  • Repaired Drawers — The bottoms were sliding out, but such an easy fix folks; all she needed was a few furniture nails
  • Lightly sanded down body and drawers — In preparation for paint application; 80, 120 grit hand sander
  • Heavily sanded down top — In preparation for stain application; 80, 120, 220 grit orbital sander
  • Thoroughly vacuumed and washed — Necessary preparation for any and all furniture restorations
  • Applied 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Bayberry to the body and drawers— A deep muted olive green, Bayberry is perfectly vintage,
    it’s stunning on its own or as part of a natural palette
  • After 24 hours, applied 1 coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Antiquing Glaze to the body and drawers— For desired depth and dimension; sponge application / lint-free rag wipe
  • After 24 hours, lightly sanded the body and drawers— Wasn’t overly pleased with how the glaze dried, thus decided to slightly distress before giving wax a try; 120 grit hand sander
  • After 24 hours, applied 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint Ageing Wax to the body and drawers— For even more desired depth and dimension; brush application / lint-free rag wipe
  • Applied Minwax stain, and poly products in the colour Provincial to the top and legs— For a two-toned exposed wood transformation; lint-free rag application
  • Decoupaged drawer-sides with Re-Design with Prima’s Dark Floral decoupage tissue paper ~ A lovely pattern that I felt paired so nicely with this transformation
  • Applied Wise Owl Paint Furniture Salve in the scent Lemon Verbena to the interior drawers and sides ~ For a much needed drink, and a delightful scent; lint free rag application
  • Selected, purchased and installed new Queen Anne Plate Handles & Knobs  ~ From Lee Valley; was elated to have found an actual Queen Anne set for my Queen Anne dresser

Photos From My Workshop

Come Take a Closer Look!

I ain’t no videographer I tell ya! I however determined to try my very best to share a closer look with YOU. Below you’ll find my best; albeit amateur effort at trying to capture this piece in video format (taken out in my workshop where I do it all— prep, transform, picture and vid).
For my Manitoba followers, perhaps you might fancy slipping out to our farm for the closest look— please do get in touch!

Products Used & Recommended

This post contains links to products I personally use, trust, and highly recommend. Here’s a handy compiled list for your ease of reference:

🌟 Fusion Mineral Paint BAYBERRY

🌟 Fusion Mineral Paint ANTIQUING GLAZE

🌟 Fusion Mineral Paint AGEING WAX

🌟 ReDesign with Prima DARK FLORAL

Have a furniture piece that you’d like to paint, but aren’t sure where to start? Struggling with deciding on colour(s), products, techniques, and finishes? I’d love to help you out! Let’s have a phone chat, or meetup for a coffee!

Custom Furniture Painting


I primarily select and purchase pieces on my own, and transform them with colours/techniques of my own choosing— Ready-For-Purchase. I do also carefully consider custom furniture painting for customers within Manitoba. If you’re interested in this service, I’d love to hear from you! Please fill out and submit a form so that we can start an exchange. I truly appreciate all interest and inquiries.

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