Who doesn’t like a night of painting the town RED?! Everyone needs to live it up, party a lil’, have a ball, go out for a wild and fun time every now and then! Life is too short n’ sweet not to!

When I came across this dainty lil’ parlour table, I knew that even ‘she’ needed a little fun in ‘her’ life, and what better way to hit the town than dressed in RED?! After all, RED is exciting, and has a natural way of making you feel sexy! And what ‘girl’ doesn’t like and deserve to feel sexy?! <3



This petite and timid table needed a lil’ ‘spice in ‘her’ life, and I knew JUST how to give her some! While getting this lil’ ‘gal’ ready for a night on the town, I myself had a ball with transforming her:

  • Applied some RED lipstick, and poured myself a glass of RED wine
  • Tightened up loose body and legs to ensure ‘she’d’ be set for anything the night might throw at her
  • Applied 2 thin coats of  Country Chic Paint’s ‘All-In-One Decor Paint’ in the most sexy and deep RED colour ‘Cranberry Sauce’ ❤
  • Gave her a light sand to soften ‘her’ up
  • Applied 1 coat of Country Chic Paint’s ‘Antiquing Wax’ to give ‘her’ the aged, yet extravagant and sexy look I knew would suit ‘her’ very well

I’ve never seen this lil ‘lady’ looking so lovely as she does right now! ‘She’s’ sure to have many men ask her to dance cheek to cheek! <3

This beauty by my side is sure to add a lovely addition to your home, and ‘she’s’ for YOU!

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning — graced with an abundance of country chic character and sweet imperfections, both for me and for YOU! ❤

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