Never say never! I however NEVER thought I’d be lucky enough to come across some antique/vintage theatre seats… but then one day there they were… waiting for me to scoop them up… with my name written all over them!

Oh how I wish I knew the story and history behind these lovelies! The gent I purchased them from, said that he was told they came from the old theatre in Dauphin, MANITOBA… but I can’t be certain that is accurate. Just like I can’t be certain as to whether they are vintage or antique. If a girl could guess, I would personally guesstimate antique; CIRCA 1920’ish?! I’m always open to opinions however!

Ooops I did it again! I forgot to take a BEFORE pic before I started taking things apart. I picked the seats up as a row of 6, and could only salvage 4 of the seats… 2 of them were far too damaged. So two sets of 2 they shall be! ❤️❤️

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My Seats for Two for YOU transformation process:

  • Disassembled the 6 seats, managing to salvage 4 of them, 2 were far too damaged;
  • Carefully labelled all pieces to ensure reassembly would go smoothly;
  • Removed dreadful faux leather cushions, with full intentions to reupholster;
  • Sanded down wood in preparation for stain application;
  • Measured and cut floor runners;
  • Thoroughly cleaned wood and cast frames;
  • Applied 3 coats Minwax ‘Jacobean’ stain to wood;
  • Applied 2 coats Minwax polyurethane to wood;
  • Applied 2 coats Rust-Oleum ‘Rustic Mist’ to cast frames;
  • Purchased new nuts n’ bolts, as originals were far too rusted and damaged to salvage;
  • Reassembled into two sets of 2, with much help from my hubby;
  • Selected, purchased and reupholstered new fabric onto seats;
  • Pulled out a lovely lil’ magazine table from my stash, and transformed the body with Country Chic Paint ‘Liquorice’ furniture paint and ‘Hemp Oil’, and the top with Minwax ‘Jacobean’ stain/poly… as I thought transformed, it would make for a lovely partner for these seats for two

NEVER did I think I’d be lucky enough to come across some antique/vintage theatre seats! BUT then I did… so now I vow to never say never again! What was once a row of 6 theatre seats, is now one-of-a-kind seating for two! 2 of the 6 seats were far too damaged to salvage, but I personally think that’s OK… because a set of 2 is far more practical than a set of 3… am I right?! My vision was to maintain much of the history and patina, while also adding some fresh charm and modern practicality. Won’t these make for the most lovely entryway or mudroom seatings? A permanent floor installation is recommended; for optimal comfort and use.

UPDATE: Set 2 of 2 has sold; thus only set 1 of 2 remains. Longer/wider runners were made for set 2 (customer request), which works very well as opposed to earlier recommendation for permanent floor installation. So if you fancy fixed or flexible placement, either can work!

* All of my furniture pieces are preloved, with expected signs of age and use — sweet imperfections which I believe adds to their unique character and charm.

❤️ These Seats for Two ~ SOLD to Erin & Kimberley ❤️
DIMENSIONS: 35″ H x 46″ W x 22″ D

Set 1 (Sold to Erin)

Set 2 (Sold to Kimberley)

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning — graced with an abundance of farmhouse chic character and sweet imperfections, both for me and for YOU! ❤️

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