Olive Martini anyone?! 🍸🫒 I’m so very happy with the custom colour I created for this vintage bedroom suite I’m transforming! A couple weeks ago I shared the Stacked Dresser, and tonight I’m sharing the Vanity Dresser. Next up is Twin Bed with head/foot boards and rails. I’ll have all it wrapped up in a bow for YOU by mid-December! I’ll do the work, you’ll enjoy the fruits of my labour, and we can both pour ourselves an Olive Martini! Deal?!


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Before & After

Vintage Vanity Dresser

I was so excited when I came across a vintage Knechtel Furniture bedroom suite, in such solid form. This vanity dresser is the second of 3 pieces in a suite that I’m transforming this Nov/Dec for YOU! Completed prior to this piece is a stacked dresser! Next up is a a single (twin) bed with head/foot boards and frame.

Vintage Bedroom Suite Transformation
Olive Green Vintage Furniture
Selectively Salvaged and Loved by me


I’ve been aching to transform furniture in an olive green hue. When I came across this vintage bedroom suite, I instantly felt it was the perfect candidate for my dream colour. Reincarnated in my very own custom blend I’ve named Olive Martini— an easy to love natural deep khaki green that pairs ever so sweetly with neutrals, terracotta, and antique brass. A super solid n’ sound Knechtel Furniture vanity dresser with original hepplewhite drawer pulls that I so adore. This piece will be for YOU as a twin suite— with a matching stacked dresser and twin bed. How wonderful will this be in a guest room, cottage bunk room, or child’s bedroom?!

Modern Farmhouse Furniture

Vanity Dresser Transformation

Below you’ll find all of the photos I took after completing my Vintage Vanity Dresser transformation. On-screen colours are merely a digital representation, and will vary from screen to screen (device to device). Depending on your screen/device, the colour(s) seen here on my website may seem slightly different in person.

My Step-by-Step Transformation

  • Removed original hepplewhite pulls— With full intentions of maintaining; cuz hepplewhite is seriously my fav
  • Repaired minor veneer damage to middle drawer — Bondo to my rescue
  • Lightly sanded down— To prepare for paint application; 80, 120 grit
  • Thoroughly vacuumed and washed— Necessary preparation for any and all furniture restorations
  • Custom blended equal parts of Country Chic Paint in the colours Liquorice, Fresh Mustard, and Simplicity— To create my very own Olive Martini hue
  • Applied 2 coats of custom colour Olive Martini— An easy to love natural deep khaki green that pairs ever so sweetly with neutrals, terracotta, and antique brass
  • Lightly sanded down giving extra attention to edges— For a farmhouse distressed finish; with 220, 80 grit
  • Applied 3 coats of my go-to Varathane Diamond Wood Finish (water-based, satin polyurethane)— To achieve a crystal clear, water-resistant, and highly durable finish; mixed with a small amount of Olive Martini to avoid possible streaking
  • Polished original hardware with my go-to Brasso Metal Cleaner— Quickly and gently removes tarnish from a range of surfaces, including brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel and pewter
  • Another thorough vacuum and wash— And also gave the interior drawers a nice drink of Wise Owl Furniture Salve in the scent ‘Rioutous Rain’

Photos From My Workshop

Come Take a Closer Look!

I ain’t no videographer I tell ya! I am however determined to try my very best to share a closer look with YOU! Below you’ll find my best; albeit amateur effort at trying to capture this piece in video format (taken out in my workshop where I do it all— prep, transform, picture and vid).
For my Manitoba followers, perhaps you might fancy slipping out to our farm for the closest look— please do get in touch!

Products Used & Recommended

This post contains links to products I personally use, trust, and highly recommend. Here’s a handy compiled list for your ease of reference:

🌟 Country Chic Paint LIQUORICE

🌟 Country Chic Paint FRESH MUSTARD

🌟 Country Chic Paint SIMPLICITY



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Custom Furniture Painting


I primarily select and purchase pieces on my own, and transform them with colours/techniques of my own choosing— Ready-For-Purchase. I do also carefully consider custom furniture painting for customers within Manitoba. If you’re interested in this service, I’d love to hear from you! Please fill out and submit a form so that we can start an exchange. I truly appreciate all interest and inquiries.

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