When I first discovered this craft, I was pretty much buying every piece of vintage/antique furniture that I saw at a fair price. I had in my mind that they were difficult and rare finds. Boy was I wrong. Pieces are always popping up, and one needs to learn to be very patient, selective and wise with their purchases if they want to turn a profit.

HOWEVER! Some styles of furniture RARELY come up, and this type of tallboy chiffonier is most definitely one of them! These must be scooped stat! As a matter of fact, I’ve only come across TWO to-date! I’m not aware of the proper name for this style… but to try and explain… it’s a tallboy chiffonier that has a smaller compartment on top; that adds so much interest and unique charm!

The first piece in this style that I scooped up, had all of its’ original hardware. Although this one appeared to as well… it did NOT. When I got it home, I realized very swiftly that the top drawers had replacement knobs (that are available in Aisle ??? at Rona), and the second row of drawer knobs were mixed-up. Hmmm… what shall I do about that?! Thankfully, the bottom drawers had all of their original beautiful pulls!

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My Majestically Chic Chiffonier process:

  • Removed original hardware ~ noting that 2 original knobs were missing; time to put my thinking cap on
  • Thoroughly vacuumed and washed ~ certainly required before transforming preloved furniture
  • Disassembled top compartment ~ for ease of work to come
  • Heavily sanded down tops and front legs ~ with hopes to stain for a two-tone transformation
  • Lightly sanded down remainder ~ to prepare for product adhesion
  • Proceeded to plan B ~ the tops had extensive blemishes that prevented a successful stain
  • Applied 2 coats of COUNTRY CHIC PAINT in the colour ‘Liquorice’ ~ a deep charcoal black that can be either classic and timeless, or elegant and modern
  • Dry sanded for a buttery smooth and slightly distressed finish ~ for the farmhouse chic look I adore and always strive for
  • Wet sanded to pull out and accentuate the natural wood tones ~ geez… this is even better than plan A
  • Stained front legs (colour ‘Jacobean’) ~ cuz would you just look at those legs… they just gotta stand out
  • Tried my darndest to find some replacement hardware ~ for the 2 missing knobs (I was not successful); thus filled holes and pulled down my thinking cap even more
  • My thinking cap worked ~ decided to convert the 2nd row of drawers to 2 knobs (ta da)
  • Applied Country Chic Paint NATURAL WAX ~ which I find eases and tones down the application of dark wax
  • Applied Country Chic Paint ANTIQUING WAX ~ to accentuate the charm, and add some aging depth
  • Polished and reinstalled original knobs and pulls ~ not too much polish, but just the right amount
  • Decoupaged drawer sides with Re-Design with Prima’s DARK FLORAL TISSUE PAPER a lovely compliment and pattern for this transformation
  • Applied Wise Owl Paint FURNITURE SALVE in the scent ‘Tobacco Flower’ to the interior drawers ~ for a much needed drink, and a delightful scent

This one is for YOU if you’ve got your eye out and heart set on this rare and unique tallboy chiffonier style! Only the second of its’ kind that I’ve come across in the almost 7 years that I’ve been swimming in this craft! Tall, unique, majestic, stately, chic, and impressive! Although I considered a different colour choice, I had to admit to myself that it was very much meant to be black! Timeless, classic, and suitable for almost any decor! Two-toned transformation with raw legs, dry distress to bring out the charm, and wet distress to accentuate the natural wood tones. Scoop it fast! I know first hand these ones don’t come along very often!

* All of my furniture pieces are preloved, with expected signs of age and use — sweet imperfections which I believe adds to their unique character and charm.

❤️ This Majestically Chic Chiffonier ~ SOLD to Stephanie ❤️
Dimensions: 50”H x 34”W x 19.5”D

Note: Although I typically create and share ‘Take a Closer Look‘ vids of my pieces; I don’t for those that sell swiftly… this piece being one of those swift sales! 🤗

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning — graced with an abundance of farmhouse chic character and sweet imperfections, both for me and for YOU! ❤️

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