Every girl needs a lil’ gold in her life right?!  For all of us it comes in the form of sunshine, some in the form of jewellery, some in the form of coins, some in the form of a bountiful golden harvest, and some (that have the most fun) in the form of golden locks.

For me… my first form of gold was growing-up in the 70’s. Ah yes… the 70’s — the days of funky music, pet rocks, mood rings, water beds, crystals, incense, and wild colour… harvest gold being one of my fav wild colours! Who doesn’t miss the harvest gold appliances, dinnerware and bathroom fixtures?! Well… I do, and thanks to Country Chic Paint, I’m bringin’ it back!

In my most recent post, I mentioned that my next Country Chic Paint project would be painting upholstery (yes painting), and just look at what I’ve most recently added to my #farmhouse decor:


I hit the jackpot when I came across this beautiful #vintage wingback chair that I picked up for a whopping $7 at my local Value Village thrift store (one woman’s trash, is certainly another woman’s treasure)!  Only downside was that it was PINK… and pink has no place in our farm house!

At first I was thinking I wanted it to be blue, and I attempted to achieve that by applying dye to it.  THAT didn’t go as planned… how could I not have thought that if you add blue to pink, you’ll end up with PURPLE – duoh!  And purple also has no place in our farm house!  But that was OK… because after more thought, I decided that I didn’t want a blue chair after all… rather I wanted a harvest gold chair!

I thought about attempting to reupholster it… but that just seemed like too much $ and too much work… and the existing upholstery was in PERFECT condition (so to replace it in my mind would be silly).  And then I learned that I could paint my upholstery! YES! Now we’re talkin’!

For this project I chose the following Country Chic Paint colour and product:

  • “Fresh Mustard” all-in-one decor paint
  • “Natural Wax”

My process:

  • Red wine 😉
  • Clean piece (Velour)
  • Tape wood work to protect from paint
  • Spray water on piece
  • Apply decor paint
  • Lightly sand the paint
  • Apply natural wax to the paint

… and this my friends is the before, between and after:


I’m soooo loving my most recent addition of gold in my life! Adds some lovely country chic warmth to our cozy farm house! <3

I’m excited to get started with  my next Country Chic Paint project… which I hope to start this coming weekend. I hope you visit again. My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning. ❤

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