“Hello my darling.” I can still hear her saying those words… every time I saw her, every time I spoke to her on the phone.  My Grandma LeClair’s sweet words.  We were all her darlings, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and miss her.

This was her china cabinet. This is my first furniture #antiquing Country Chic Paint project. This I know she would LOVE. This I will be doing MUCH more of.


My primary craft is custom web design & development. I’ve been crafting websites for 10+ years, and alongside that — I’m finally making/finding time for another craft that I’ve been longing to get started with. I’m beyond excited about updating our #farmhouse #decor and I’m so glad you’re here to see what I’m up to.

Although I had some hesitancy when I stumbled across the Country Chic Paint products, I decided to give it a try… and OH MY!  What was I waiting for, and where has this product been all my life?!  A truly exceptional and LOVELY product, that will be added to  my home in abundance!

For this project I chose the following Country Chic Paint colours and products:

  • “Cheesecake” all-in-one decor paint (for exterior)
  • “Nocturnal”all-in-one decor paint (for interior)
  • “Natural Wax” and “Antiquing Wax”

My process:

  • Red wine 😉
  • Lightly sand down piece (MDF and Veneer)
  • Apply decor paint
  • Distress with sand block
  • Apply natural wax
  • Apply antiquing wax
  • Apply more natural wax

And this is what is what I ended up with:


As I mentioned, the china cabinet was my Grandma LeClair’s. The Royal Albert Petit Point china was my Grandma Bunkowsky’s… and for her to hand that down to me… well… if I only had the words to explain that love and emotion. <3

I felt both my Grandma’s with me while I decor’d this piece… they were such an inspiration in my life, and still inspire me daily. This is what their inspiration helped me craft over the past couple weeks… which I have named my “Hello My Darling” project:

This was FUN! This was relaxing. This was stress-relieving. This was LOVELY.

I can hardly wait to get started with  my next Country Chic Paint project… where I’ll be painting upholstery (yes… that’s right) with a sweet little vintage chair find. I hope you visit again. My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning. <3


  1. I can see them both smiling now. They would definitely love this and be proud to be part of their granddaughter’s blog.. ❤❤

    1. This LOVELY product has reincarnated my blog Jo! Feels so good to get back to blogging… I’m most def anticipating more posts moving-forward! So glad I stumbled across your Facebook post a few weeks back — you inspired me to unleash my desiring #antiquing craft! <3

    1. Thank you for stopping by @melirey96! Transforming ANY piece of furniture into shabby chic style is so easily and enjoyably accomplished with Country Chic Paint’s products! I am glad my post(s) have inspired you, and I highly recommend you give it a try yourself… or support a local business that sells transformed/upcycled furniture! 🙂

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