“I’m a Thrift Store Shopping,
Dumpster Diving,
Junk Picking,
Pallet Stalking,
Chalk Paint Singing,
Kinda Girl”

Ya… that pretty much sums me up, for the past 7 months!  This charming hobby that I’ve acquired has brought a whole new level of creativity to my life, and also what I consider the most perfect activity to relax and unwind!  I simply can’t get enough of it, and I assure you there’ll be LOTS more of it to come… for me, and for you! <3

I had been keeping my eyes peeled for a hutch like this one for some time… and one fine day, there it was. Although not the most attractive piece in its’ past/original form (at least not in my humble opinion), I could certainly see the potential in it!  A drab 80’s/90’s piece, albeit in very solid form holding characteristics that screamed FARMHOUSE to me! <3



Transforming this piece took a lil’ extra time and product than my other pieces to-date… but soooo worth it! Over a few late evenings, my smooth and enjoyable transformation went like this:

  • Removed hardware and doors
  • Lightly sanded down piece and gave it a thorough clean
  • Removed dreadful pattern from glass door
  • Applied 3 coats of Country Chic Paint’s ‘All-In-One Decor Paint’ in the colour ‘Vanilla Frosting’ to chosen areas
  • Applied 2 coats of Country Chic Paint’s ‘All-In-One Decor Paint’ in the colour ‘Sage Advice’ to other chosen areas
  • Lightly distressed areas that would be subject to natural wear with sanding block
  • Applied 1 coat of Country Chic Paint’s ‘Antiquing Wax’ to the entire piece, and buffed
  • Applied 1 coat of Country Chic Paint’s ‘Natural Wax’ to the entire piece, and buffed again

And TA-DA… a hutch that once screamed FARMHOUSE is now very much a farmhouse chic hutch, that has me screaming LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! <3

If you love the shabby farmhouse chic look as much as I do, then I know with much certainty you will LOVE this piece in your home, and I would LOVE for you to have it! 🙂

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning — graced with an abundance of country chic character and sweet imperfections, both for me and for YOU! ❤


    1. Thank you so very much Mountain Mama! I’m over the moon about this piece! Then again… I’m over the moon about EVERY piece I have opportunity to turn into a piece with country chic character and sweet imperfections! <3

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