Tastefully — Showing good aesthetic judgment or appropriate behavior. Synonyms: aesthetically pleasing, in good taste, refined, cultured, elegant, stylish, smart, chic, attractive, exquisite

Timeworn — Damaged or impaired, or made less striking or attractive, as a result of age or much use. Synonyms: worn out, worn, well worn, old, threadbare, moth-eaten, tattered, battered, dog-eared, well used, shabby, having seen better days, tatty, dilapidated, old, aged, weathered, lined, wrinkled, hoary, bedraggled

Bring these 2 adjectives together, and what do you get?  This charming piece of loveliness my lovelies. <3


And what did this piece look like before I brought Tastefully and Timeworn together?  Sadness and bleakness my darlings. 🙁

And how did I bring Tasteful and Timeworn together? It was a simply divine process my friends. 🙂

  • Gave piece a good clean scrub
  • Applied 3 coats of Country Chic Paint’s ‘All-In-One Decor Paint’ in the colour ‘Fresh Mustard’ ~ just like its’ name; a sunny, bright mustard yellow
  • Gave entire piece a light sand, and heavily distressed in desired areas ~ for the #chippy #farmhouse look I desired
  • Applied 1 coat of Country Chic Paint’s ‘Furniture Glaze‘ in the colour ‘Smoky Quartz’ to the entire piece  ~ to bring out those charming details
  • Applied 1 coat of Country Chic Paint’s ‘Tough Coat‘ for maximum protection ~ a water and scratch resistant sealant

Look at the difference the ‘Furniture Glaze’ application makes!  This pic was taken after I applied it to the table, but not yet to the chair.  Makes the little nooks and crannies pop most exquisitely doesn’t it?! While also slightly, yet perfectly altering the colour! <3


This vintage telephone table & chair was given a new look, while Tastefully retaining her Timeworn charm. She’s sealed with a smooth, buttery,  and durable finish to ensure she keeps well for years to come. With a storage cubby that would’ve once held a telephone book, what a wonderful entryway table she would now make to catch your keys, mobile phone and mail. Or how ’bout that hallway in your home that is yearning for some loveliness. And then there’s that bedroom that is just aching for a charming bedside table. I’ll leave it to you to decide where she’ll shine her brightest! <3

❤ This Tastefully Timeworn Table & Chair SOLD to Pamela! ❤

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning — graced with an abundance of country chic character and sweet imperfections, both for me and for YOU! ❤

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