I can still hear her say it… she said it to me and to all of her dearly loved grandchildren every time we saw her. “Hello My Darling” she would say… with so much love. My darling Grandma… oh how I miss her so.

Darling (noun) | DAHR-ling: A dearly loved person. 💞

When Country Chic Paint came out with their “Lustrum Collection“, my eye and heart was immediately drawn to the colour ‘Darling’… a soft, pastel pink with just the right amount of daintiness. Despite my lack of fondness for pink, I loved how this colour name flooded me with dear memories of my Grandma, and it was certainly a subtle enough pink that I knew I would enjoy working with it.

My darling transformation process:

  • Removed original drop-pulls ~ one was mismatched, I however had an exact match on hand in my hardware stash
  • Very carefully disassembled original bevelled mirror ~ worth the time and effort to ease product application
  • Lightly sanded down entire piece ~ to remove flaking finish and to prepare for product adhesion
  • Thoroughly vacuumed and washed entire piece ~ certainly required before transforming any piece of preloved furniture
  • Applied 1 coat of Country Chic Paint in the colour ‘Cobblestone’ to the entire piece ~ a warm, mid-tone grey that’s perfect for creating both modern and timeless vintage looks
  • Applied 2 coats of Country Chic Paint in the colour ‘Darling’ to the body, top, and mirror harp ~ a soft, pastel pink that is just the perfect neutral colour with a pop of daintiness
  • Applied 2 coats of Country Chic Paint in the colour ‘Vanilla Frosting’ to the drawers, drop-pulls, and mirror frame ~ a lovely farmhouse white with just the perfect hint of warmth to it
  • Was pleasantly surprised that once dried, the paint had naturally crackled ~ not sure if it was the high humidity we were having, or just pure luck… whatever the cause, I was elated with the result
  • Sanded entire piece down for a buttery smooth and slightly distressed finish ~ for the farmhouse chic look I adore and always strive for
  • Dry-Brushed Country Chic Paint in the colour ‘Vanilla Frosting’ to the areas with ‘Darling’ ~ for some harmonizing texture
  • Applied Country Chic Paint White Wax to the entire piece and hardware ~ to soften and tone down the application of grey wax, and for light protection
  • Applied Country Chic Paint Grey Wax to the entire piece and hardware ~ to accentuate the charm, add some aging depth, and for light protection
  • Lined drawers with ‘Dandelion’ Nuwallpaper peel and stick vinyl  ~ for a lil’ extra love

A soft, subtle and enduring transformation with just the perfect hint of daintiness. A timelessly toned piece for a guest room, chic and sweet accent for a girls room, soft and gentle charm for a nursery, warm and inviting statement for that special nook. A darling revitalized antique for pretty and pleasing storage in your home or cottage.

* All of my furniture pieces are preloved, with expected signs of age and use — sweet imperfections which I believe adds to their unique character and charm.

<3 This Darling Tallboy ~ SOLD to Shelley <3
DIMENSIONS: 44″+24″ H x 28″ W x 16″ D

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning — graced with an abundance of country chic character and sweet imperfections, both for me and for YOU! <3

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