What room do you consider the heart and soul of your home? In ours, it is most certainly the kitchen — where meals are prepared, where blessings are abundant, and where many memories are made.

The dinner table, occupies a place of honor in the kitchen — The Beating Heart of Home. Meals at the table is where we can come together as a family to unwind from our day, where we share stories and laughs over a home-cooked meal, and where we can just be together without distractions.

Here you see the orange and ugly — yet very good condition, solid oak dining set I picked up THIRTY-THREE months ago! Yes… for 33 months I’ve been walking by it, and SIGHING… thinking “How did I EVER think I could tackle this project?!” I finally found the courage this Fall to turn HATE (hideously flaming-orange) into GREAT (charmingly distressed-white).

A furniture transformation project of this size is NOT for the faint of heart! Although not overly difficult, it is VERY time and space consuming, and requires a whole LOTTA patience! My HATE to GREAT transformation over a 4-week, patience-gained duration — of begged, borrowed and stolen time… went like this:

  • Stripped and sanded table top ~ an unpleasant step, with very worthwhile two-toned results
  • Thoroughly washed entire set ~ important and absolutely necessary before transforming any preloved furniture
  • Applied 3 coats of Country Chic Paint in the colour ‘Vanilla Frosting’ to the chairs (sprayed), pedestal (sponged), and table base (sponged) ~ a lovely soft white with just the perfect hint of warmth to it
  • Sanded for a buttery smooth and distressed finish ~ for the farmhouse chic look I adore and always strive for
  • Applied 2 coats of Varathane’s ‘Diamond Wood Finish‘ (water-based, satin) with a sponge ~ to achieve a crystal clear, and highly durable finish
  • Applied 2 coats of Country Chic Paint ‘Furniture Glaze‘ in the colour ‘Smoky Quartz’ with a sponge ~ for copious amounts of patina, dimension, and depth * * *
  • Applied another coat of Varathane’s ‘Diamond Wood Finish‘ ~ to protect the glaze application
  • Purposely added dings, dents, scratches and worm holes to the table top ~ to create details of a long and well-lived pieces’ life
  • Conditioned, stained and varnished table top with a custom combo of both Varathane and Minwax products ~ thirst-quenching solid oak restoration

* * * Y’all! I contemplated the extra step of applying ‘Furniture Glaze‘, as I knew it would add many more hours to an already time-extensive project… but soooo glad I did — this everyone is the crowning jewel of my transformation! What I don’t strive for is pristine furniture… rather, I long for and adore furniture that is charming, chic, and full of character — glazing completely changes the furniture transforming game! Just look at the difference between these 2 chairs (one with, and one without glaze)!

A creatively-created aged patina dining-set that holds a deep, timeworn appearance — bringing back sweet memories that were made around Grandma’s farmhouse kitchen table. Imperfection marks, scratches, dings and lines from a life hard-worked and well-lived. Details of this strong and solid oak set have been transformed, heightened and accentuated for a family that embraces imperfections, and adores character and charm. Cozy round table for 4, with a leaf extension into spacious oval seating for 6. What first sweet memory will your family make around it with relatives, friends, guests?

* All of my furniture pieces are preloved, with expected signs of age and use — sweet imperfections which I believe adds to their unique character and charm.

❤ This Beating Heart of Home Dining-Set ~ SOLD to Renelda ❤
DIMENSIONS: 7-Piece Extendable Dining-Set / 48″ Round + 24″ Leaf

Simply not enough space in our home to take indoor pics of this set for YOU. Capturing a true feel outdoors, was no easy feat. To gain the real deal, you’ll just have to slip out to our farm for a look — a sweet country drive with a warm farmhouse welcome!

I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning — graced with an abundance of country chic character and sweet imperfections, both for me and for YOU! ❤

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