Hello! I’m so flattered that you’re here, and grateful for any interest you might have. Furniture painting is my passion, and happy customers are most important to me! To ensure you’ll be truly pleased with your furniture piece, I thank you for taking time to review and understand.

  • Pickup, Meetup, Delivery, Shipping: My Ready-for-Purchase pieces are available for local pickup/meetup/delivery, and shipping within Canada. Shipping is NOT free. Additional cost to ship is dependent on your location in Canada. Prior to purchasing, please contact me with your POSTAL CODE, and I will be glad to share a shipping cost and timeline for your consideration.
    • FREE Local Pickup (Woodlands, MB— just outside of town)
    • FREE Delivery (to certain areas within Winnipeg, MB)
    • Local Delivery (to certain areas within MB— reasonable cost applies)
    • Shipping (within Canada— cost is dependent on your location)

  • Hand-Painted: All of my pieces are hand-painted and hold visible yet subtle brush strokes. Hand painting with a brush is my preferred and therapeutic technique, which I feel offers a lovingly personal and distinguished touch.

  • Quality: All of my furniture transformations are preloved pieces, with expected signs of age and use — sweet imperfections which I believe adds to their unique character and charm. Know and trust that I do my very best to repair any unnecessary imperfections, and/or functional defects.

  • Colour: On-screen colours are merely a digital representation, and will vary from screen to screen (device to device). Depending on your screen/device, the colour(s) seen here on my website, on my social profiles, and that are shared via email may seem slightly different in person.

  • All Sales Are Final: A lot of love and time goes into all of my pieces and for this reason, please understand that no returns or refunds are accepted. I want you to love your piece, so if you are not completely satisfied, I will do my best to resolve/change (some of these things may incur a cost). Although my pieces can be purchased online/unseen, to ensure you’ll love it; when possible I encourage in-person viewing prior to purchase. To aid with unseen purchasing, you will find “take a closer look” videos of my pieces— I encourage you to give those a view. Should you have ANY questions before or after making a piece purchase, please contact me directly.

Custom Furniture Painting

In addition to the above, the following terms and conditions also apply to my Custom Furniture Painting service:

  • Form Submission: Customer completes and submits this form to start an exchange.

  • Consideration: Upon receipt of form submission, I will review; and if project is deemed to be one that falls within my personal style, capability, and brand— I will then provide customer with a list of questions; followed by an estimate and timeframe.

  • Payment: Customer provides 50% deposit upon agreement, and final payment at completion. eTransfer and cash accepted.

  • Outcome: Customer understands and acknowledges that final outcome is completely dependent on the piece itself (manufactured quality and any damage), chosen colour(s), and desired technique(s) / finish. Each and every piece I transform holds uncertainties, sweet imperfections, and unique outcome. No re-dos or refunds are offered.

  • Glass / Mirror: For pieces that contain any glass doors or mirrors, they will (in most cases) be removed for ease of paint application; and will be re-installed with a clear caulk/sealant.

  • Pricing: Customer understands that custom work comes at somewhat of a higher price than Ready-for-Purchase, given there is understandably more time involved (consultation, estimate, exchanges).