So here’s the thing. I absolutely LOVE painting furniture in dark colours— black, ash, charcoal, navy blue, midnight blue; my list goes on. There is however a HUGE drawback to painting in dark colours— they are impossible to accurately picture! Well impossible for me that is; as I ain’t no photographer! I don’t know what it is about the dark hues, but when I try to picture them they blotch and streak and challenge me so! But I just can’t stop painting in dark colours! And this piece was NO exception— I knew from the moment I picked her up, I just had to paint her in the darkest navy blue that ever existed! And so I did!

Before & After

Stately & Sexy Sideboard

A very dear and life-long friend offered up this amazing piece to me! “It’s all yours Faye! If you want it, I want you to have it! Do your magic!” I tell ya— the kindness of some folk never ceases to amaze me! I was in absolute awe when my hubby and I went to pick it up! Although it held some challenging damage, a solid and strong oak frame she still had! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this very unique antique buffet, and knew I had much work cut out for me!

selectively salvaged & loved by me


An extremely unique antique buffet that was in need of much tender loving care! The first I’ve seen in this style— with rounded front edges, clawfoot paws, and curved mirror ledge. Transformed in the darkest navy blue that ever existed; that I custom blended myself! So dark it appears almost black in my pictures— I however assure you there is blue in there, and is very visible in certain lighting! Opting to stain the top and rounded front edges was an easy choice— just look at that solid oak grain! I wasn’t heart broken that the original hardware was missing; as selecting new replacements never disappoints! A stately & sexy sideboard waiting to make a statement in your home or cottage!

Stately Farmhouse Furniture

Antique Sideboard Restoration

Below you’ll find all of the photos I took after completing my furniture flip transformation. On-screen colours are merely a digital representation, and will vary from screen to screen (device to device). Depending on your screen/device, the colour(s) seen here on my website may seem slightly different in person.

My Step-by-Step Transformation

  • Removed hardware— Most was missing, and what was there appeared to be replacement
  • Removed caster wheels— One was missing, and I knew with damaged right clawfoot that I would have to part with them for stability
  • Removed lifting/peeling veneer from door fronts— Far too damaged to try and salvage
  • Repaired cracked back-leg, and moulded replacement for damaged right clawfoot— Amazing Mold Putty and Bondo to my rescue
  • Repaired broken drawer— With some some wood glue, clamps and small hardware nails
  • Filled original hardware holes— And went on my search to find and select new replacement hardware
  • Heavily sanded down top— With plans to stain for a two-toned transformation
  • Lightly sanded down body, then vacuumed and washed— In preparation for paint application
  • Custom blended my very own colours (equal parts of Country Chic Paint Peacoat and Liquorice) with desire for the deepest navy blue that ever existed— And applied 2 coats to the body and drawers
  • Lightly sanded down body and drawers— For a farmhouse distressed finish; with 220 grit
  • Oh darn— Realized after painting that I had even more damaged veneer; thus proceeded to remove remaining veneer from rounded front edges
  • Applied 1 coat of Minwax Penetrating Stain in the colour Jacobean to the top and rounded front edges— For a two-toned exposed wood transformation
  • Applied 3 coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly in Clear Satin to the top and rounded front edges— To achieve a highly durable finish; sponge application
  • Applied Country Chic Paint hemp oil to the painted body and drawers— For a light water-resistant protectant; sponge application
  • Decoupaged interior shelving, drawer sides and bottoms with Re-Design with Prima’s Aged Patina decoupage fiber— A new product and pattern that I felt was a lovely compliment for this restoration; sponge application w/ water-based poly
  • Selected, purchased and installed new Regency Suite IV hardware (handles, knobs, and escutcheons) from Lee Valley— A collection that I felt was a lovely replacement for this buffet transformation

Photos from My Workshop

I do try to take photos while flipping my pieces! I do, I swear I do! I however tend to get very caught up in the moment, and don’t always think to! Here’s a few I managed to capture with this flip!

Come Take a Closer Look!

I ain’t no videographer I tell ya! I am however determined to try my very best to share a closer look with YOU. Below you’ll find my best; albeit amateur effort at trying to capture this piece in video format (taken out in my workshop where I do it all- prep, transform, picture and vid).
For my Manitoba followers, perhaps you might fancy slipping out to our farm for the closest look- please do get in touch!

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one-hour / one-on-one / $90

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