It’s raining, it’s pouring, this faithful farmwife is roaring! I know I know… most Manitoban’s that read this post aren’t at all happy with the weather this weekend… or this month rather… or the past 2 seasons mind you! But I’m dancing in the rain today… getting my boots all muddy… and smiling for our water well, dugouts, trees, pastures, grain land, and every living plant! And amidst the rain, I’m enjoying the cozy comforts of our little house on the prairie… including our recently flipped FARMHOUSE BATHROOM! Come take a look!

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Our Farmhouse Bathroom Flip process:

  • Me convincing my Farmer hubs that our TEENCY TINY 8′ x 5′ bathroom has seen its’ day, and very much needs to be gutted and flipped!
  • Me convincing my Farmer that despite communication from a reputable renovator that bathroom renos typically start around $15k, that I swear on all my dogs’ graves I’ll keep it well under $7.5k!
  • Me knowing all too well that I’ll have to do a big chunk of the work myself to keep it well under $7.5k!
  • Obtained 2 quotes from local contractors. Decided to go with Garrett’s Contracting. Super conveniently just down the road from us!
  • Contractor: Gutted entire bathroom
  • Contractor: New floor, new drywall, new window, flooring install, wainscoting install, trim install, shower install
  • MacMillan Plumbing: Plumbing and vanity hook-up
  • Me, Myself & I: Planning, shower/hardware/flooring selection, painting, decor’ing, Farmhouse Vanity Furniture Flip
  • Me: Lived up to my promise and kept it all (labour, material and purchases) well under $7.5k!

My farmhouse bathroom dream come true! I’ve dreamed of wainscoting, antique brass hardware, coal black statements, wicker, wood, enamel, greenery, glass shower door, medallion flooring, and farmhouse whites for 23 years! Patience is a virtue folks! This dream was so worth the wait! I honestly would’ve waited another 23 years… but we don’t need to tell my Farmer hubby that! 😉


  • Construction: Garrett’s Contracting! Thank you so very much for your excellent work Ethan and crew! ❤️
  • Plumbing: MacMillan Plumbing! You’re simply the best Mitch!  ❤️
  • Flooring: Hart’s House of Flooring! Who knew that while in Selkirk one day, I’d find my dream farmhouse bathroom flooring! THANK YOU!
  • Shower: MAAX! Thank you for making my glass shower door dream a realistic reality!
  • Hardware: Kingston Brass! Seriously! I need your faucets in every room in our home! Yes! Every SINGLE ONE!  ❤️
  • My Farmer: Thank you for once again agreeing that this room too was in serious need of a gutt and redo! Love YOU!  ❤️
  • Planning, Vanity, Painting & Decor: Thanking myself for finding and believing in my creativity. I like to think my most creative modern farmhouse inspirations Joanna Gaines and Erin Napier just might give me a 5/10… which is technically a pass!  ❤️ ❤️


I hope you visit again! My #farmlifebestlife awaits more simple living, generous loving and constant learning — graced with an abundance of farmhouse chic character and sweet imperfections, both for me and for YOU! ❤️

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